Our Teachers

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Our Teachers

Our head teachers have already completed their degrees or certificates in early childhood education and Psychology. Our teachers’ assistants and support staff are working on either a degree or a certificate on Early Childhood Education. All of our staff have received training in providing high quality early childhood education and care by using the Creative Curriculum and Putting into Practice the Multiple Intelligences Theory as well as meeting all requirements for working with groups of young children.

Wanda Jana

She has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Universidad Católica Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She also holds a Specialty in School Administration from Universidad Católica Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and in Using Multiple Intelligences as a Tool to Help Students Learn fom Harvard Universtity, Graduate School of Education, United States. She has been a preschool and elementary teacher for over thirteen years, and has coordinated English as a Second Language Program in the Dominican Republic and several Afternoon Programs.

PS1          Ms. Stefanie Sanchez
PS2          Ms. Andrea Torres
 PS3          Ms. Andrea Torres
 PS4          Ms. Anaima Garcia
 Kinder      Ms. Julie Muniz